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Our customers, and their pet friends, mean the world to us. You’ve helped make us the No. 1 brand in pet behavior management, and we never want to stop working for you.

Because of this commitment to innovating for you and your pets, we’re excited to announce big news: Comfort Zone Diffuser Products are now new and improved! We’ve made the products you rely upon for managing your cats’ stress behavior even better!

The new and improved Comfort Zone Diffusers (formerly known as Comfort Zone Diffuser with Feliway) now last longer. Our refills now last up to a full 30 days — and the new diffuser will last up to a whole year before it needs replacement. The new and improved Comfort Zone Cat Calming Diffuser has been re-engineered and is now proven 95% effective at reducing urine marking and proven 93% effective at reducing destructive scratching. In addition, the new Multi-Cat Diffuser is now proven 88% effective at reducing conflict between your cats. The new formulas will help you create calm and harmony in your home.

You and your pets deserve a stress-free environment, and with the new and improved Comfort Zone diffusers, you can reduce the impact of everyday stressors that make good cats act out. We’re making it easier than ever to help your cats feel their best. Less stress. More love.

The new and improved Comfort Zone diffusers are available at Petco in March. Beginning in April, they will also be available at Amazon and — just search for Comfort Zone diffusers!

How The New and Improved Comfort Zone Cat Calming and Multi-Cat Diffusers Work:

Like us, even the best-behaved cats get stressed.

Introducing other pets in the home, moving, having friends over, or any other changes to your normal living environments can cause cat stress. And stress can cause them to act out — fighting and tension, excessive scratching, spraying and urinating and hiding are just a few of the ways that stress can manifest itself in your cat.

The new and improved Comfort Zone Cat Calming and Multi-Cat Diffusers replicate a cat’s natural pheromones — the specialized scents that all animals use to communicate — and send a message of safety and security. These messages are particularly important for cats, who have 10 times as many smell receptors as humans. With these diffusers, Comfort Zone has created a simple, drug-free way to introduce them to your home that’s proven to be effective.

Just plug the diffuser into any wall outlet to start providing a more calm, peaceful environment for your cats. There’s even a 100 percent money back guarantee on all our products*.

At Comfort Zone, we’re committed to bringing you better solutions for your pet behavior needs, and this is just the beginning. We’ll be rolling out a handful of new products and offerings for your pets in the near future – because stress shouldn’t get between you and your pet.

* If you're not satisfied, return the product within 90 days for your money back. Proof of purchase required.

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