Stressful situations can cause cats to act out by scratching furniture and walls.  Fortunately, you can help calm those claws.

When your cat sprays in the house, it's often a signal that she's feeling fear, stress, or a disruption in her life.

Traveling in the car can upset your cat and cause unwanted behavior.  But the car can be a happier place for your kitty...

When multiple cats share a household, tension and conflict can arise. Help your cats feel more comfortable together.

Can dogs and cats live together peacefully? If cats don’t feel stressed or threatened, they can get along just fine!

Moving cats to a new home can be distressing for your pet. Even simple changes in the home can disrupt a cat's sense of safety.

Ever try to introduce your cat to another cat? Or to a new baby? Any new visitor can upset a cat’s normal routine in the home.

Bringing a cat home from the shelter or a breeder is a wonderful moment for you, but it could be stressful for your new cat.

Cats like to be in control of their environment. Visitors can cause nuisances for cats by upsetting the normal routine in the home.

Cats are naturally independent creatures. Other animals in your cat’s presence — or adding another cat to your household — may make her feel threatened.