Got questions on pheromones or how our products work?  We’ve got answers.


Pheromones are scents that cats (and other animals) use to communicate with one another. Comfort Zone diffusers release pheromones that mimic a cat’s natural, calming pheromones, signaling to them that an area is safe and friendly, putting them at ease.
We have no evidence it affects people or other animals.
Comfort Zone diffusers are drug-free and release odorless pheromones that calm your cat and should have no sedative effects.
Pheromones are a mixture of fatty acids. Our products also contain a solvent, which helps dissolve the pheromones so it can be sprayed or diffused.


We use a combination of laboratory studies and in-home tests to prove that our products work.
Refills last up to 30 days.
This is totally normal, as heat is required to disperse pheromones into the air. Don’t be alarmed.
Comfort Zone products are known for their effective pheromone technology, and now we’ve improved the diffuser system as well, providing a longer-lasting, consistent diffusion of pheromones for up to 30 days.
Yes, but we don’t recommend mixing these.
Yes, but we don’t recommend mixing these.
No, we recommend using only Comfort Zone brand refills with our diffusers.
One large room per diffuser, up to 400 square feet.
We recommend that you change the diffuser once every year.
Plug it into any standard household outlet, which are typically 15 or 20 amps. Be sure to keep the diffuser away from obstructions, like furniture, and away from open windows.
120V, the standard for outlets in the USA and Canada.
Absolutely. Some people with a sensitive sense of smell may perceive a slight oily scent from the diffuser.
No, the product will not function properly.
No, the product will not function properly and will stop working.
No. We recommend using the refills with only the Comfort Zone diffusers.
Yes, as long as they’re both Comfort Zone products.
It normally takes up to a week to see results in your cat’s behavior. After that, you should gradually see your cat reduce stressful behaviors over time.
We recommend not using the diffuser unit in a room with open windows or near vents. If it has to be in a room with open windows or vents, put it on the opposite wall to ensure the refill lasts up to 30 days. If you use the diffuser around an open window, the product is less likely to be effective.
Yes, just turn the diffuser so that the refill reservoir is always at the lowest point.
If you’re looking to solve multi-cat tension and conflict issues, try our Multi-Cat Diffuser. If your primary goal is to stop scratching and/or urine spraying, use our Calming Diffuser.
Use one per room where the cat spends the most time, and allow 2-4 days to start seeing results.
Use one per room where the cat spends the most time, and allow up to a week to start seeing results.
We recommend using the spray to “spot treat” areas where your cat has sprayed or scratched, and to use the diffuser as an always-on solution.
Cats spray for a variety of reasons, but if your cat is spraying due to stress and not illness, it’s proven 95% effective at reducing urine marking.

Spray & Scratch Control Spray

We tested the spray on many common household fabrics and surfaces, and found no evidence of staining. Spray a small area first before applying a lot of product to be sure.
Spray five times onto your cat’s travel bedding or in the carrier before travel to help reduce their stress.
The spray lasts several hours.
Yes, we recommend using an enzyme based urine cleaner first, and once dry, use the Comfort Zone Calming Spray to help manage urine marking.

Dog Calming Vest

The Comfort Zone Calming Vest for Dogs with Complete Comfort Compression Technology offers maximum torso coverage to provide constant, gentle, swaddling-like pressure to help reduce stress. Studies show that compression on an animal’s side can help bring calming and relaxation. Pressure from a wrap garment gives dogs comfort when they cannot flee stressors, such as thunder or fireworks. The pressure wrap helps heart rate reduction and reduces flight indicators.
It is the uniquely calming design inspiration behind the Comfort Zone Calming Vest and includes full chest fit for maximum torso coverage; soft, flexible and breathable vest for a comfortable fit; constant, gentle, swaddling-like pressure.

We have a size chart to help you select the right size for your dog. Measure the chest area of your dog, behind the front legs, to get a better indication of the chest size.

Size XS fits dogs between 8-14 pounds with chest sizes 13” up to 17”
Size S fits dogs between 15-25 pounds with chest sizes 17” up to 21”
Size M fits dogs between 26-40 pounds with chest sizes 21” up to 25”
Size L fits dogs between 41-64 pounds with chest sizes 30” up to 37”
Size XL fits dogs between 65-110 pounds with chest sizes 37” up to 50”

The vest can be used for as long as needed during stressful situations. Like with any article of clothing that is put on your dog, we recommend monitoring your dog to ensure he or she is comfortable and not overheating.

During the initial use of the vest, we recommend removing it every 1-2 hours to ensure your dog is comfortable and that there are no signs of irritation.

The Comfort Zone Calming Vest is designed to be very easy to put on and take off. You simply place your dog’s front paws into the openings and tighten the wing until the vest fits snug across your dog’s body. Follow the 3-step application for an optimal fit:

Open up the vest with the “Spray Spot” facing down and place your dog’s front paws through the leg holes.

Wrap the vest across your dog’s back so that the fit is snug and the hook loop (the side of the fastener that feels soft to the touch) is on top.

Pull the wing across the back to further secure the vest and provide additional compression.

The Comfort Zone Calming Vest is proven to reduce stress behaviors from loud noises, stress from thunder and stress from fireworks. It is recommended for travel stress, vet visit stress, general stress and separation anxiety.

Money Back Guarantee

If our pheromone products or dog calming vests aren’t to your satisfaction, contact our consumer affairs group at 1-800-234-2269. To receive a full refund, you must supply a proof of purchase. We will refund purchases made within the last 90 days.