Do you know your cat's stress signs? Our fur babies aren't very vocal about their frustration, but they are trying to communicate—we just need to learn their language. Some signs of stress may include scratching destructively on your carpet or marking on your furniture.

Once you know your cat is stressed, try finding and reducing the triggers. Cats can get stressed over the smallest changes. A stray cat outside, a new couch, not having enough litter boxes or even feeling bored can send your kitty into a tailspin.

The solutions might be simple. If your cats are fighting, you might need to reintroduce them slowly. You may need to add extra litter boxes. Helping your cat gain confidence can also reduce stress. Play with him more. Give him tall cat trees to climb.

Above all, Comfort Zone products can be your secret weapon to help reduce stress. They mimic your cat's natural calming pheromones, signaling that everything's OK. Use the Comfort Zone Cat Calming Diffuser with Opticalm Diffuser in rooms where your cat spends the most time, or the Comfort Zone Multi-Cat Diffuser with Opticalm Diffuser if you have more than one cat. If your cat is on the go, try the Comfort Zone Calming Pheromone Collar instead, so the calming notes are with him whether he's indoors or outside. And the Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control Spray can be used to help control scratching on specific items, like your sofa table.

Below are six signs that may reveal your cat is stressed and what you can do to help with each specific issue.

Does Your Cat Scratch Too Much?

Is your cat scratching where he isn't supposed to? Is he destroying your furniture or shredding your carpet? While scratching is natural for kitties, you can direct that energy toward more appropriate targets. This short and simple guide can help.

Is Your Cat Peeing Outside the Litter Box?

Walking into a room and being hit with the distinctive odor of cat pee can be quite unpleasant. Unfortunately, stressed kitties might pee in lots of places where they shouldn't. This guide can help you identify and reduce the issue.

Are Your Cats Fighting?

Sometimes cats don't get along from the get-go. But other times, cats that used to get along are suddenly hissing and swatting with claws. How do you create peace in all this tension? Consult our guide to kitten diplomacy.

Is Your Cat Hiding all the Time?

Cats are social creatures. If you notice your sweet kitty has started hiding and acting weird, you might feel a little sad. Sometimes cats just need a break from the noise, and that's OK. Here's what you can do to help discover why your cat may be hiding.

Is Your Cat Not Eating as Much?

Cats usually jump at the chance to nom on some treats. If your cat has stopped eating, it can be a serious issue you shouldn't ignore. Consult this guide to get to the bottom of why your cat's not eating.

Is Your Cat Overgrooming?

It's normal for your cat to groom herself multiple times a day. But sometimes, cats become fixated and may even groom so much they leave bald spots or sores. If you're worried about your cat's grooming habits, this guide can help.