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Comfort Zone Multi-Cat Diffuser
For Cats & Kittens

Comfort Zone Calming Diffusers contain 2X more calming pheromones vs. competitors. Our Calming Diffusers release a drug-free vapor for up to 30 days that mimics a cat's natural calming pheromones to create a calming environment which helps reduce your cat's stress response behaviors like destructive scratching and urine marking.
50 Reviews


  • Reducing Multi-Cat Tension and Conflict
  • Urine Marking
  • Destructive Scratching


  • Multi-cat homes
  • Adding another cat into the home
  • Not enough shared resources


  • Reduce Urine Marking
  • Limit Destructive Scratching
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Winner of the Cat Care Category from a survey of 40,000 people by TNS.

User Feedback

50 Reviews
Everyone is Happier!
“After searching for a solution I found this product that is almost too good to be true. It is easy to use (just plug it in and forget it). There’s no mess, there’s no extra noise or scent, it is simply a silent solution I have been looking for. My cats Lilly and Loki (accurately named after the God of Mischief!) seem happier than ever. I don’t have to worry about losing one to injury or having to rehome one so everyone can be happier.”
Calming Effect on Aggressive Cats
“This product has decreased the amount of times my one cat has growled, hissed or jumped at my other cat. It has had a calming effect on the cat that was the aggressor.”
Don’t Hesitate to Buy This Product.
“If your cat hisses, swats, or acts in anyway aggressive toward another cat in your house, then do not hesitate to buy this product. Spending a little bit of money and plugging a diffuser into an outlet will make your life very much better.”
Great Product to Decrease Cat Aggressiveness
“During the first and second weeks of using this product, I noticed a considerable difference in our cat. He became calmer and less aggressive and allowed the kids to pet him without attacking them.”
This Product Is Amazing!!
“Try this product, it’s wonderful for your animals to be able to get along without fighting. It’s peaceful knowing that one cat is not being bothered by the other cat and they’re able to co-exist together.”
Dramatic Improvement in Cat Attitudes
“My cats fought almost constantly, and the tension between them was so intense that I was skeptical that a plug-in would make much of a difference for them. I saw a difference in their behaviors within a few hours of plugging it in, though, and now all of my cats are able to be in the same space and still be calm.”

Instructions For Use

The Comfort Zone Multi-Cat Diffuser is easy to use. Just plug the diffuser into any standard wall outlet in the room you want treated and watch it go to work, emitting a drug-free, odorless vapor that creates a calm and peaceful environment for your cats.

Use one diffuser per room and replace refill every 30 days. Replace the diffuser unit each year. Only use Comfort Zone Multi-Cat refills.

The new diffuser technology has been engineered to be safe for your home, family and pets, and to provide superior performance. While using the new technology, you may notice the following:

  • Visible Vapor: At times your Comfort Zone® Diffuser may emit a vapor from the top of the diffuser. This is a normal occurrence and reinforces that the diffuser technology is working.
  • Detectable Odor: Although the diffuser is unscented, in rare instances you may sense a slight odor from the diffusing pheromones. This too is normal and poses no harm to the family, the pets or the home.
  • Heat: The diffuser may feel warm to the touch, which is normal and safe. We have also added a new auto-shut-off feature to the new diffuser for an added layer of protection and security.
Isoparafinnic Hydrocarbon 85%
Analogue of Feline Pheromone 5%
Other Ingredients 10%
Calming Diffuser

Problems with Scratching or Urine Marking?

Try Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser

Plug into a wall outlet to give your cat a calm environment in one room to help reduce destructive scratching and urine spraying for up to 30 days.
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