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Top 7 DIY Gifts for Your Cat-Obsessed Friend

Stephane Dube Dwilson
cat holiday photo

If you're looking for gifts for your cat-obsessed friend, then you've come to the right place. DIY cat gifts can be a great way of showing your friend that you truly care about her and her precious fur baby. From calendars to gift baskets to T-shirts and treats, these DIY gifts for cat owners are sure to make your friend smile and your friend's cat purr with joy.

1. Cat Advent and Birthday Calendars

If you are extra crafty, you will probably enjoy designing and creating a custom cat calendar. It can be as simple as making a yearly calendar where each month features a different picture of your friend's cat.

Or you can make a calendar that counts down to a special day in your friend's cat's life. Maybe it's counting down to Christmas like the traditional Advent calendar. Or maybe it's counting down to the cat's birthday or adoption day.

To create these "Advent" calendars, you can use very small paper bags in different colors, each filled with a cat treat. Fold the bags in different sizes, tape them closed in the back, put bows on the front of each, and put numbers on the bags. Attach the bags to a piece of wood or poster board, and you have an easy-to-make but very cute and tasty cat Advent calendar. You might even add cat stickers to the front of the bags for extra decoration.

cat advent calendar 

2. Purrrfectly Calm Cat Gift Basket

You can also opt to make a calming cat gift basket for your friend. This should be filled with items that can help your friend's cat relax. Think of it as a cat's spa day! It can include treats, a soft blanket for snuggling, a toy filled with catnip, cat wipes that have a soothing scent, and a Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser.

A calming diffuser releases a drug-free, odorless vapor that mimics the pheromones a cat releases that indicates an area is safe and secure. This is kind of like sending a signal in a cat's own language that lets her know she can relax.

cat gift basket 

3. Photo Book

Many online sites allow you to load photos and order a hardcover photo book.2 Consider making one for your friend's cat. Use photos your friend has shared with you or photos from social media and add in some fun memories of your own. You might want to highlight the cat's birthday, photos when she was a kitten, photos with your friend's children, cute quotes, and photos with other pets. Your friend will be amazed that you went through so much effort.

woman taking cell phone photo with cat 

4. Cat Travel Kit

Is your friend nervous about traveling with his cat? Put together a "travel kit." This can include a nice, spacious carrier filled with a soft blanket, a travel litter set, collapsible bowl and food dish, treats, catnip-filled toy, and a Comfort Zone diffuser spray for the carrier and the vacation destination. The diffuser will signal to your friend's cat that she's safe.

comfort zone spray

5. Personalized Framed Picture

If your friend has a particularly adorable photo of her cat, then why not put it in a really cute frame? You can get a thick frame and decorate it with all sorts of cat symbols, like pendants in the shape of paw prints and cats, cat stickers, fish, and cute saying stenciled on the frame like "nine lives," "fur baby," or "purrfect."

cat photos for frame

6. Cat T-Shirts

Another cute idea is to make your friend a T-shirt with her cat's face on the front. Numerous T-shirt printing companies will let you send in a photo that can be put on the front of the T-shirt with the cat's name under it. Try adding a cute saying like "Purrfect Day" or just "I love my cat." If you want to do more of the work yourself, you can buy an iron-on T-shirt print and make the shirt at home.

I love my cat quote and cat image

7. Homemade Cat Treats

If you're especially good at baking, why not try your hand at homemade cat treats?3 Present them in a cute mason jar tied with a ribbon.

gift jars of cat treats 

There's no end to the purrrfect gifts for your cat-obsessed friend. Anything you do that shows your friends you care about them and their cats will be remembered for years to come.

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