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Helping Prevent Mean Cats in Multi-Cat Household

orange kitten and brown kitten play fighting

Millions of households in America have more than one cat. However, because cats are solitary creatures, they don't like to share or take turns with food, water, bedding, litter box time, and time with you. Whenever they feel threatened or restricted, it can cause competition between the cats and lead to unwanted behaviors including tension and conflict.

My cats aren't getting along. What can I do?

  1. Create multiple access points for valuable resources. Make sure to spread these resources throughout the house and on each floor to avoid competition for access:
    • Provide a litter box for each cat + 1 extra
    • Set up multiple food stations
    • Create multiple drinking opportunities (away from food)
    • Provide enough climbing, hiding and sleeping areas for all cats
  2. To help control stress behaviors like spraying and vertical scratching, use a Comfort Zone Multi-Cat Diffuser in the room your cats spend the most time in. Several diffusers may be required for large or multi-level homes, especially when cats have different living areas or spaces where they like to hang out.

Additional Advice

  • Single cat-sized sleeping perches may help to reduce individual cat stress in multi-cat households.
  • Place a bell on your cats’ collars to help alert each other of their presence.
  • Give it time! Cats and dogs can get along, and cats can get along with other cats. Sometimes, it just takes patience and time. Try not to get stressed out or worry, because your pets will pick up on that. If you're calm, they can be, too.
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