Bringing a Cat Home from the Shelter or Breeder

A new pet: What a wonderful moment for you and your family! But sometimes, it can be stressful for your sweet new cat.

Why? Because cats are territorial animals, and moving changes their territory and completely removes their familiar marks. It's a disruption that can cause quite a bit of stress.

Adopting a cat and making her feel at home

To help your cat feel at home in her new environment and help reduce potentially dangerous roaming, plug in a Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser 48 hours before bringing her home. The diffuser will last for four weeks and help your cat adjust to her new surroundings. Comfort Zone is used and recommended by veterinarians nationwide.

Other tips for making your new cat feel at home

  • Cat-proof the house: put away breakables and special treasures until your cat gets used to her new surroundings. She's going to jump onto different surfaces to be able to take in her new territory, and you wouldn't want her to break Grandma's wedding vase or something else that's special to you.
  • Create a few safe places for her to hide as she gets adjusted to your home.
  • Have a litter box ready to go.
  • Set a bowl of fresh water on the ground; she may be stressed from the travel and need a drink of water to help soothe her nerves.
  • Let her set the pace for eating and coming to you for the first few days. She needs time to get used to you and her new territory.