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Cat Scared of the Car? Tips for Traveling with a Cat

white and brown tabby sitting in closed pet carrier on wooden floor

As much as you might like to have your kitty join you on vacation, cats are creatures of habit and probably won't care much for the change of routine and change of scenery that a vacation offers. Before taking your cat with you on any trip, think carefully about whether it would be an enjoyable experience for him.

On the Road

However, some cats love to travel, especially if they get accustomed to it as a kitten. When traveling, it's very important to maintain some sense of routine for your kitty. Be sure to bring all of your cat's necessities, like food, bowls, toys, and a bed or blanket. In addition to allowing your cat access to everything he needs to keep him healthy and happy, they will provide a sense of security and comfort.

If you decide to leave your kitty home alone when you're traveling, ask someone to stop by to check on your pet. Leave the person a list of instructions for what to do, including what kind of food and how much to serve, how much water to give, any medication your cat needs, and a phone number for the veterinarian, in case of an emergency. Also, make sure they know how to get in touch with you if they have any questions or a serious problem arises.


Stay at Home

There are other options besides leaving your cat home alone, although that might be his favorite! You can ask a friend to "kitty-sit" while you're gone, taking your cat into their home for the time you are away. If your cat is around other people (and maybe other pets) while you're away, it won't be as easy for him to get bored, and he will receive quicker attention if something goes wrong. However, a change of scenery can be very stressful for some cats. Also, if your cat somehow escapes while he is at a friend's house, it is unlikely that he will be able to find his way home.

Pet Hotels

There is also the option of taking your cat to a kennel or pet hotel. The word "kennel" might bring to mind some not-so-nice images, but many of today's kennels are extremely nice. In some locations, new laws have been passed to make sure these businesses are regularly monitored, so the cats are taken care of in a way that would please even the pickiest of owners. Recently, there has even been a trend for posh cat hotels and bed & breakfasts. Just do your research and visit the locations to see which one is best for your cat.

As hard as it might be to leave your cat behind when you go away, this may be the best option for your kitty. And with so many great options of ways to make sure your cat is taken care of at home, you can travel without worrying about him, enjoying your vacation with a clear conscience and no stress.

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