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Helpful Tips to Reduce Cat Travel Stress

gray cat sitting in pet carrier outside with no door

Many of us like to take our furry friends with us when we travel. Whether by airplane, train, or car, any kind of travel can upset your cat and cause stress behaviors. Unfamiliar, confined environments can be stressful to your otherwise well-behaved pet, and spending time in unfamiliar spaces could add to that. Comfort Zone products can relieve stress and keep cats calm during travel.

Helpful hints for traveling with cats

  1. Make sure your cat's ID tags are up to date, and if she isn't microchipped, you might consider talking to your vet about this. Cats that get stressed out in a new, even temporary, environment might want to flee, so make sure you have all the tools in place for others to help her find her way back to you.
  2. Do a little research before you leave to find the nearest vet or 24-hour emergency animal clinic in the town or city you're visiting.
  3. If you're flying, check with the airlines well in advance of your departure date to find out what the rules, regulations, and extra costs are when traveling with pets. You don't want any surprises at the airport! The same applies if you're traveling by train; many train or public transit lines don't allow pets — even in carriers — so refer to those transportation entities' websites for more information.
  4. Don't feed your cat the morning of the trip — cats can get carsick (or have other nervous "accidents"), and an empty stomach might just be their best traveling companion!
  5. Whether traveling by car, train, or airplane, use Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control Spray at least 15 minutes before putting the cat inside the cat carrier. Spray the inside of the cat carrier: one spray in each corner, and two sprays on the floor and ceiling.
  6. Cats' stress levels are affected by new or unfamiliar scents and spaces, and you won't want her to start urine spraying or scratching the furniture where you're visiting. Bring along a Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser or Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control Spray to use in a friend's or family member's home, or your hotel room. Comfort Zone is used and recommended by veterinarians nationwide.
  7. Don't forget to pack food and water bowls, along with a big enough supply of your cat's preferred food.
  8. Regardless of the outside temperature, never leave your cat unattended in a parked car.
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