The people that bring you Comfort Zone products love hearing when our products have helped pet households. Read some examples below of how our new and improved diffusers have helped cats reduce specific stressful behaviors and achieve less stress.

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50 Reviews
This Stuff Is Magic
“A must have for cats who are aggressive or have anxiety. You will see a difference as soon as it’s plugged in! While it may not make them snuggle up and love each other, it will make them more calm and maybe even be in the same room without a fight.”
Good, But Needs to be Replaced Regularly
“This product works for a few weeks but would need to be replaced regularly. It was easy to install and very disguised. My cats were calmer than usual, which is great for me.”
A Great Cat Aggression Product
“I would certainly give this product a try. I have noticed a great improvement in my cats behavior.”
Peace Within My Home
“I love this new and amazing product that has brought peace and harmony to my home. Have always loved all my animals, did not know it was possible for a product to help my cat be less aggressive. I would purchase a lifetime quantity of it.”
Seems to Work!
“I would say that the product is easy to use, doesn’t have any strong annoying scents, looks like an air freshener and to give it some time to be totally effective.”
Product Delivers on Its Promise to Reduce Aggressive Behaviors in Cats
“I would say that the product was minimally invasive, yet gave maximum results as far as diminishing the aggressive behavior one of our cats was exhibiting.”
“The plug gets a bit hot, but other than that I liked that the product is really easy to use. However, I did not see enough of a change in my cat’s behavior.”
You’ve Gotta Try This! Total Transformation
“If you try this product, your cat will be transformed into the pet that you’ve always wanted. Your once aggressive cat will become more friendly, less skittish, less territorial and aggressive and more affectionate overall in the household. Your home would become less of a war zone, and more of a loving environment where everyone gets to interact with their pets."
Cat Aggression? Try This Plug In Pheromone Product. Guaranteed Results!
“Try it because it definitely works! It’s easy to use and is effective in controlling aggression in cats.”
This Product Helped My Cats Get Along
“All you have to do is plug it in and leave it. Over time your cats aggression toward each other will diminish. There is a small odor associated with the product, but nothing a candle or plug in can’t overpower.”
Don’t Hesitate to Buy This Product.
“If your cat hisses, swats, or acts in anyway aggressive toward another cat in your house, then do not hesitate to buy this product. Spending a little bit of money and plugging a diffuser into an outlet will make your life very much better.”
Buy This Now!
“Great product! Really calmed down our cats aggressive behavior!!”
Everyone is Happier!
“After searching for a solution I found this product that is almost too good to be true. It is easy to use (just plug it in and forget it). There’s no mess, there’s no extra noise or scent, it is simply a silent solution I have been looking for. My cats Lilly and Loki (accurately named after the God of Mischief!) seem happier than ever. I don’t have to worry about losing one to injury or having to rehome one so everyone can be happier.”
Cats Finally Chilled.
“Constant negative aggressive interaction was greatly reduced with the help of the pheromone therapy. It’s not a complete change but it’s a noticeable change.”
Ineffective Product
“I would not recommend this product to a friend. This product was ineffective, and did not change the aggressive behavior of my cats.”
Set it, Forget It, and Reap the Rewards! A Blessing in a Bottle
“Set it, forget it, and reap the rewards! Happy cats = happy family! I never thought that a small air freshener type plug in would have the power to bring peacefulness to my house and family. My cats are fighting less and are so much happier. Because they are less edgy they are kinder to the kids, my husband and I. Overall, the pheromone has been a blessing in a bottle!”
Very Easy to Use
“Very easy to use. There is no odor that bothers you. I would buy this product if it was stronger.”
Great Product to Decrease Cat Aggressiveness
“During the first and second weeks of using this product, I noticed a considerable difference in our cat. He became calmer and less aggressive and allowed the kids to pet him without attacking them.”
Easy To Use!
“I would say it’s easy to use and appears to work after a while.”
Make Interact Aggression One Less Worry
“Depending on your cats this may assist in the reduction of inter-cat aggression. It’s worth a try to at least see if it helps.”
Unfortunately, It Doesn’t Work!
“The product doesn’t work.  Don’t waste your money.”
This Product Was Okay.
“I would say this product is okay, it really didn’t work as well as I expected. Although it did help calm the cats down and fight less frequently.”
No More Fighting Between Your Cats!
“A useful product that allows for a happier home. Your cats will be happier and healthier. Easy to use by plugging into an outlet.”
Read All About It…Say No to Your Cats Fighting
“This product will make you worry less and enjoy your life more. And more importantly it works.”
Not For Me But Could Work For You
“I didn’t see a change in my cat but I would still suggest giving the product a try. It was easy to use and had a nice scent.”
This Product Is Amazing!!
“Try this product, it’s wonderful for your animals to be able to get along without fighting. It’s peaceful knowing that one cat is not being bothered by the other cat and they’re able to co-exist together.”
Want Harmony in Your Home With Cats?
“It’s a diffuser which you just plug into an outlet that has no odor but cats get a sense of comfort through the diffused product.”
Dramatic Improvement in Cat Attitudes
“My cats fought almost constantly, and the tension between them was so intense that I was skeptical that a plug-in would make much of a difference for them. I saw a difference in their behaviors within a few hours of plugging it in, though, and now all of my cats are able to be in the same space and still be calm.”
Quick Fix.
“This product was easy to use. Plug it in and forget it.”
Calming Effect on Aggressive Cats
“This product has decreased the amount of times my one cat has growled, hissed or jumped at my other cat. It has had a calming effect on the cat that was the aggressor.”
Life Changing Product
“I was skeptical at first being that it was a plug in product but was quickly amazed by not only how fast it worked but how effective the product was. Within the first few days, our cat’s aggressive behavior drastically decreased and we have not seen him act negatively since using it. Our cat went from attacking our other cat 4-8 times a week to not at all…I was amazed! Not only has his aggressive behavior decreased to the point of being non-existent, he has been much more relaxed, calm and friendly. He has always been a sweet cat but he has a different demeanor about him since using the product. I definitely recommend you try it!”
Thanks for Giving Us a Couple of Cool Cats
“This product helped our unusually aggressive cats get along more and fight less.”
No More, No Less
“The product did not seem to affect the cats.”
The Peacemaker of Felines
“Try it out. It does not make noise or cause an odor. It allows my cats to relax and interact with each other peacefully.”
Plug-In and Stress Less!
“The cat pheromone plug-in device is perfect for a house of aggressive cats. If your cats are often aggressive toward each other including growling fighting and violent, then this product could be perfect for your household. This product helps to reduce stress and not only your cat’s life, but the overall home environment.”
Save Your Sanity!
“Get this if you want great cats.”
Cat Aggression Problems
“Might work for your cat, but didn’t work for mine.”
Cat Calming Diffuser
“It is a pheromone diffuser that’s easy to use. You just plug it in and forget about it. The cats feel the effects and makes them calmer and feel safer.”
Has Potential
“I am skeptical if it actually works and makes me a little worried how hot the actual plug in gets.”
No Results
“The product was easy to use. It was very unobtrusive in my household. But unfortunately we didn’t see any results with the product. Our cat’s aggressive behavior remained unchanged.”
Cats Finally Chilled.
“Constant negative aggressive interaction was greatly reduced with the help of the pheromone therapy. It’s not a complete change but it’s a noticeable change.”
Great Product for Minimizing Cat Aggression
“No odor, minimizes cat aggression, easy to use, just open and plug in to wall.”
Cat Pheromone Diffuser
“This product can be used to help calm and relax cats who might otherwise be tense and high strung.”
No Change!
“I saw no changes.”
Possible Help with Your Cats Aggression
“This product is easy to use and safe for other animals in the home. It didn’t seem to help my aggressive cat but he has had behavior issues his entire life and nothing has ever helped. So it’s possible that it could help another cat with their aggressive behavior.”
Sedate Your Cat Save Stress!
“Expose both cats equally and at same time. Use two at same time. I was surprised we were not permitted to do so. Makes your cat calm.”
It Didn’t Work for Me
“I used the product and my cats acted the same way they always do.”
Good Start, But Didn’t Last
“It worked some the first week but seems to have stopped working.”
It Has the Effect of Mildly Reducing Aggressive Cat Behavior
“It has the effect of mildly reducing aggressive cat behavior.”
Different Outcomes
“Every cat is different, for me this product didn’t work.”
Not Worth The Money You Will Spend
“It did not assist in making the environment for our cats better. Their behavior did not change and I believe it would be a waste of money.”