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11 Tips to Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree Infographic

Tamara Franklin & Niege Borges
11 Tips To Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree illustration

Putting up the Christmas tree is a time-honored tradition around the world. But, if you have a cat, you've probably experienced him jumping on it, knocking it over, and turning your shiny ornaments into his playthings.

Unfortunately, your Christmas tree and its decorations can be extremely dangerous to your furry friend. Tree water, fake snow, mistletoe, holly, poinsettias, and tinsel can be poisonous or even deadly to cats. Other hazards include chewing on electrical wires, and kitty's skin being pierced by pine needles or ornament hooks.

However, just because you have a cat doesn't mean you have to give up on one of the hallmarks of Christmas. Your tree may not end up looking exactly like it did when you were a kid, but with a little careful planning, your cat and your Christmas tree can peacefully coexist.

This infographic offers 11 useful tips to make your Christmas tree feline-friendly, including opting for an artificial tree, buying shatter-proof ornaments and securing them with string, giving your tree a solid base so it's less likely to topple over, and covering the water bowl with a tree skirt so your cat can't drink from it.

Also, strategies like using cat repelling scents like citrus, distracting your cat with a new toy or experience, and using a Comfort Zone® diffuser to calm your kitty's nerves can help make your cat completely disinterested in your Christmas tree, offering you both a safe and happy holiday season.

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