11 Tips to Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree

Tamara Franklin & Niege Borges

Putting up the Christmas tree is a time-honored tradition. But, with cats and Christmas trees, things can go sideways fast. Given the chance, a curious kitty will likely climb the tree, knocking it over in effort to turn your shiny ornaments into his playthings. 

Are Christmas Trees Toxic to Cats?

Christmas trees and holiday decorations can be extremely dangerous to your furry friend. Bacteria in tree water can make your cat ill. Tinsel can get tangled in a cat's digestive tract. Pine needles are sharp and can be poisonous or even pierce kitty's skin. Be mindful of the following:

  • tree water
  • fake snow
  • tinsel
  • pine needles
  • ornament hooks
  • electrical cords

However, just because you have a cat doesn't mean you have to give up on one of the hallmarks of Christmas. With a little careful planning, your cat and your Christmas tree can coexist. Try distracting him with new toys, cat repelling scents — or a diffuser that emits calming pheromones. Here are 11 useful tips to make your Christmas tree more feline-friendly.

How to Cat-Proof a Tree

  1. Place fragile ornaments near the top
  2. Consider an artificial tree
  3. Opt for shatterproof ornaments and tie them with string
  4. Prevent your cat from chewing on cords
  5. Skip the tinsel
  6. Secure the tree to a wall
  7. Cover the water with a tree skirt
  8. Use the Comfort Zone® Calming Diffuser for Cats to promote a peaceful environment
  9. Spray your tree with a scent cats dislike
  10. Offer distractions 
  11. Avoid other hazards like fake snow and poinsettias, which can be toxic to cats. 

11 Tips to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree infographic