"Harmony at last!"


"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


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Do you have a success story? Frustrated cat families would love to hear about your experiences.


A Fresh New Start

I recently moved in with my fiancé, who owns a two-year-old female cat, Fluffy. She doesn’t like anyone but my fiancé (whom she adores). Even after five months living together, she still leaps at my head and bites my face. My three-year-old female cat, Mina, finally moved in with us a week ago. She is very timid, and I was worried. There was a lot of hissing and slapping from Fluffy; she even chased Mina away from the litter box. I ran to the store for Comfort Zone® with Feliway®. It is truly amazing! Not only are the girls tolerating each other quite well (though I wouldn't call them "friends"--yet!), but Fluffy is also transforming into a cat I never thought she could be, licking and cuddling instead of biting and clawing. Thank you so much for this incredible product, without which I might have had to give up my most darling kitty! 


A Welcome Calm

I'm a "dog person" who got talked into taking an 18-month-old rescue cat. She was territorial, and not always using the litter box. The vet suggested that we try Comfort Zone® with Feliway®. I was very skeptical that a product emitted from a diffuser was going to solve such behaviors. It took longer than the expected 30 days, but I will tell you that she is a different animal. The calm that she experiences was totally unexpected.


Three's a Charm

Recently I added a new stray cat to our two-cat household. My older cat, Boo (14), started spraying around the house soon after. I took her to the vet, where she checked out fine. They recommended Comfort Zone® with Feliway®. I started with the spray, and applied it to all the areas she had marked. She has stopped spraying altogether, and seems to be much, much calmer. I also bought the Comfort Zone® with Feliway® Diffuser after seeing how well the product worked. I am very happy with this product – it’s saving my house as well as making my cat feel better!


Calming the Clowder

I have eleven cats of various ages; all of them rescued strays or shelter cats. One of them we had raised from a two-day-old kitten. He's two years old now, and a real pain in the rear most days due to some issues he seems to have developed after being hand-reared by humans. One day I brought home a six-week-old kitten that was a throwaway. 

He is a great kitten, but the effect his arrival had on the household was near catastrophic. The hand-reared cat and another cat began trying to "out-do" each other with some type of urine marking contest all over the house. We were mortified. We had never had this problem before. We had them checked for physical problems, and then came to the hard realization that we were going to have to take action to save the house from any more damage. We were discussing our issues with the vet one day, when one of the techs said another customer with the same situation had found something in a catalog that worked. They took a couple days to get a hold of this woman and learned she was using Comfort Zone® Feliway® diffusers. We immediately bought several for the house along with refills and some of the spray. Within three days the urine-marking contest stopped. One of them had been marking on the kitchen counters, so you can just imagine our relief. The hand-reared boy is already more willing to interact within the household. He stopped peeing outside the box altogether. The other cat is coming along slowly and will go a few days now without an incident. I have only had the diffusers for one week, so I expect that with more time his urge to do it will decrease even more. The cost of the refills will be worth saving the damage to my house. I am able to enjoy my cats more. Oh yeah, the kitten that was recently introduced has toned down his "rough play," and now sleeps with the old beagle. I am considering trying the canine version, Comfort Zone® with Adaptil® for the thunderstorm season!


Boys Will Be (Calm) Boys

When my fiancé moved in, so did his male cat, Savage. Unfortunately Savage doesn't get along well with Tic, the household's original male cat. Between the two of them, the entertainment room was taking on a whole new odor. Tic would mark his territory at night, and Savage would re-mark it during the day. I finally bought a Comfort Zone® Feliway® Diffuser out of desperation when gallons of stain and odor remover were not doing the job. 

The spraying stopped IMMEDIATELY! It was unbelievable how quickly the product worked, and now we have two well-behaved boy cats again. Thank you, Comfort Zone; you've given me back my sanity.


It Worked Wonders!

We have adopted all of our cats from our local animal shelter. While they are all wonderful additions to our family, we don't know any of their backgrounds. One of the cats came to us when he was approximately 3-4 months old and became painfully shy around everybody but his immediate family. He would often hide under beds or in closets, always running when the doorbell rang, etc. Poor Quincy! We tried everything we could think of to calm him down. We consulted with our vets, the animal shelter, and our local pet stores. Finally, I heard about your product; Comfort Zone® with Feliway®, which has helped our Quincy be a REGULAR cat. It is nice to have him as one of the family again, as are his brother and sisters.

As if that wasn't enough, this past summer my mother passed away and we became the adopted parents of her cat. Now, we weren't too happy about having to introduce a four-year-old cat into our household with our 13-, 10- and 8-year-old cats (this included Quincy, the formerly ultra shy cat which we most certainly did not want to risk upsetting again), but you do what you have to do. We placed three Comfort Zone® with Feliway® Diffusers in strategic areas of our home to give it a chance to thoroughly circulate a couple of days before we brought Snowball home. Then we brought Snowball to her new home and crossed our fingers. It worked perfectly! Within 24 hours we only experienced a little hissing and all the cats acted as if they'd been together all their lives. Thank you for such a wonderful product. It has been the best investment we've ever made with respect to our cats. It has worked so well that I've told my son and daughter-in-law about it (they also have a shelter cat) and a friend who has a cat with unwanted behavior (or should I say "had" unwanted behavior?). I can only imagine that you've helped save many cats that otherwise may have been abandoned as unsuitable. I tell everyone I know about both the Comfort Zone® with Feliway® diffuser and spray. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


No More Stray Dismay

My sister and I have adopted a number of stray cats that come around our home. While in a pet store one day, the person in the cat section was telling us about Comfort Zone®. She said that it helps to keep them calm and relaxed. We decided to try it as my sister's cats and mine were now going to be in the same home.

We were amazed at how well they all got along. We were expecting a lot of hissing and scratching but they now groom each other and play with each other as if they have known everyone all of their lives. They are various ages from 6 months to 7 years. We have tried without using the Comfort Zone® once when we ran out and there was a big difference. Now we always try to keep an extra bottle on hand in case the old one runs out. We can hardly believe how much difference Comfort Zone® makes, so we thank you very much for your help.


Calming the Obsession

My cat was grooming due to what appeared to be stress. Within a week it had gotten so bad he had sores on his stomach where he was chewing on his fur and skin. I plugged in a Comfort Zone® Feliway® diffuser in the living room and in our home office where he spends a lot of time and within a day he stopped chewing on his stomach and is much calmer.


Fraidy Cat

I have a very crazy scared cat who is afraid of everything. He pees on the carpet or furniture when he is upset. Since I got Comfort Zone® with Feliway®, he sleeps ON the bed now instead of UNDER the bed. I'm sure it works, because when it ran out he peed on the bathroom rug to let me know. I will always use this product because it keeps my cat happy.


Comfort Zone® Feliway® Products

Drug-free and odorless, Comfort Zone® Feliway® products mimic a cat's own natural, soothing pheromones to help control vertical scratching and spraying.  Use the diffuser for treating larger areas around the house, and the spray to spot-treat objects or smaller areas.

Comfort Zone®  multicat diffuser 

Drug-free and odorless, the Comfort Zone® MultiCat Diffuser mimics a unique pheromone which reduces tension and conflict between multiple cats at home, and creates a calming environment.