The people that bring you Comfort Zone products love hearing when our products have helped pet households. Read some examples below of how our new and improved diffusers have helped cats reduce specific stressful behaviors and achieve less stress.

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41 Reviews
Save Your Relationship with Your Cat
“This product really helped us out with the cat’s marking problem. I would highly recommend it to you if your cat is marking.”
Plug In Pheromone Prevention
“Helps stimulate your cat to prevent less urine markings.”
My Cat and I are Friends Again!
“Change the way you clean up after your cat! No more messes and more time for you.”
Easy Product to Reduce Cat Marking
“It’s an easy and effective product to use to lessen your cats marking habits.”
This Product Really Works
“This product truly works. I am able to have my life back and not be constantly cleaning up after my cat.”
A Product to Try
“Give this product some time to work.”
Best Cat Product
“I would highly recommend this product. It has helped my cat use the litter box more and my home smells clean.”
Stops Markings
“Worked on improving markings but worry some about the amount of heat coming from the product.”
To Have your House Back to Normal, Use This Product
“Any person that is having issues with a cat marking in their home should buy this product to help with no more marking.”
Neutral Results
“For us, the product did not positively or negatively affect our cats’ behaviors.”
A New and Easy Way to Improve Your Cat’s Disposition and Stop Marking
“This product does what it says and makes your cat stop marking! Our cat is happier and not marking anymore. The only downside to this is that the plug in gets extremely hot and leaks liquid. If these issues were addressed, it would be perfect!”
Easy Peesy
“Easy to use. Just assemble, plug in and let it do its thing.”
Cat Pheromone Product
“Worked well after the second week but didn’t correct the problem all together.”
Easy to Use, What’s There to Lose?
“The ease of use makes the product a no brainer.”
The Product to Stop Your Cat from Marking
“If you’re having issues with your cat marking, then this product will definitely help with it. It worked really well in my house.”
Cat Markings? Plug This in to Make Them Stop for Good!
“The diffuser is easy to use, you just plug it in and forget about it. It will take care of the rest of the work. You will notice a reduction in your cats markings within a short amount of time and it will get better and better until the problem is gone.”
Get a Little Piece of Daily Life Back!
“A little piece of life back!”
Diffuser to Your Cat’s Meow
“Great product that works and helps keep your cat from urinating outside the box.”
Stop Your Cats Marking Now
“It’s good, reliable and it helps all the cats.”
A Plug for Cat Markings
“I would say try it, you have nothing to lose and only no cat marking to gain!”
Try It You Might Like It
“They need to try out the product to see if they like it for themselves.”
For a Cleaner House
“Great product. Would highly recommend for a cleaner house.”
Cat Markings No More!!
“A simple product that is easy to use and found to be effective when dealing with cats who randomly urinate in different rooms in a home.”
Cat Crazy, but No Longer Going Crazy Over the Cat Smell
“If you want to rid yourself and your house of the cat smell, but still have a cat…you need this product.”
Worth a Try!
“I would recommend that a friend who is frustrated with their own cat’s markings to try the product, in case it would benefit them in any way. But from experience, I couldn’t recommend this product with certainty.”
Help Your Cat Stop Marking in Your Home!
“This product seems to be helping with our cat marking. It hasn’t completely stopped but has gotten so much better! It’s small and discrete and can be placed anywhere in your home.”
Simple and Effective Cat Product!
“This product is simple and easy to use and very effective in helping cats to not mark or urinate on my walls.”
See if it Works for Your Cat
“The product have the cat marking less, not completely, but I think this cat has stubborn ways.”
Say Goodbye to Cat Markings and Say Hello to Your Social Life
“Passively reduce or eliminate your cat’s marking habit and get your life back.”
Cat Markings be Gone
“This product can decrease the number of cat urine markings for people who have a cat with a chronic urine marking problem.”
Simple and Convenient Cat Marking Deterrent
“If you're looking for a product to prevent cat markings try out this pheromone plug in. Not only is it easy to use, and super convenient, but it's also very effective. After only a week of using it my cat went from marking multiple times a day to only a few times a week. It has definitely helped my house stay cleaner and smelling better. Plus, it has saved a lot of time. Once you plug it in, it works. No upkeep.”
This Product Is Not Working as Promised
“I would not recommend based on our use because it did not solve the urinating next to the litter box/marking problems.”
Great Product
“This product worked great for reducing my cats marking behavior! With just four weeks of using the product I was able to see drastic differences in my cats marking! It is definitely something to try if your cat is having the same issue.”
There Is a Solution to Marking
“If your cat is marking you need to try this. It worked extremely well for me.”
Help Your Cat Use the Litter Box!
“It’s easy and simple to use! You plug it in like an air freshener and as your cat recognizes the scent, she or he will mark less frequently.”
Finally a Solution to Urine Marking!
“Allow time for the product to work. Don’t expect immediate results but rather a slow decrease in marking over time. The product will work and you will see results.”
Tired of the Stress and Embarrassment of Your Cats Bad Behaviors?
“This product over time works”
This Product is the Jam. Every Cat Owner Should Own it.
“I would give this product a try. It really worked well for me. My cat would mark two or three times a day and in two weeks he virtually stopped.”
New Cat Urine Deterrent Is Nothing Short of a Miracle!
“This is the greatest pet product I have ever used. It’s simple, easy, and there’s no work involved. You simply plug it in and it stops your cat almost immediately from marking your walls and carpet. There’s no time consuming clean up, and no horrible smell.”
Good Idea, Bad Execution
“It’s a very innovative idea and I can see this being a good product in the future. However, for me specifically this product did not impact my cats marking habits much or at all.”
Try This Amazing Cat Product to Stop Them from Urinating Outside the Cat Box
“I would say if you’re using this product because of your cat urinating on your floors or anywhere else I think this would be the product to use.”